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ICCM is an international gathering of women and men who have a common interest in computers and missions. We share a vision of cooperation for effective use of technology, bringing the Gospel to every nation.

Find an ICCM near you:

ICCM Americas

June 27-30, 2018

Hannibal-LaGrange University

Hannibal, MO

ICCM Europe

31 January – 3 February, 2018

Ka’rimu International Conference Center

Burbach, Germany

ICCM Africa

April 11-14, 2018

BTL Christian International Conference Centre

Nairobi, Kenya

ICCM Francophone

February 14-17, 2018

SIL Burkina Faso

Ouagadougou, Burka Faso

ICCM Australia

Date and location TBD

“I learned about technology, and I was allowed to learn, on the job, about leadership. Now, as a startup tech company leader, I draw on what I learned at ICCM.”

Roy Campbell

“…sharing with prayer pals some real heart felt needs that only other techs in ministry can feel.”

Greg Harris, IT Director, Team Expansion

“The tools that we’ve learned about at ICCM have been game changers at our ministry!”

Jason Maas, SysAdmin at DiscipleMakers

ICCM began through the open sharing of knowledge. It is a place to ask technical questions, glean spiritual wisdom, and network with IT professionals around the world. Communication is the very heart of ICCM.

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