ICCM has proven to be an incredible annual highlight for the missions-minded technologist, i.e. YOU! The Americas conference has also made it possible for non-techie family members (generally spouses or other family members) to share a dorm room (or dorm suite) and partake of meals at a slightly reduced cost. Since the family members are generally not interested in the technology side of the conference or the sessions, they register as non-participating spouses (or family members). Some spouses, in particular, have become regular faces and have even become a special part of the ICCM family. Family members often join the conference during the worship time and social activities. Important: Please understand that ICCM does not currently provide any programming for spouses or other family members. We do not provide any child supervision. Some non-participating family members choose to do sight-seeing during the day and return to join their techie during the evening hours. Feel free to contact us with specific questions concerning family members.