Every year we have techies who need to remote in to fix something at their home office. But we have never had a mission office close down because their techie was at ICCM. It might be an inconvenience, but we believe the investment in your techie is worth the hassle of their absence, and our Sovereign God always carries us through.

Here’s a true story: a ministry needed to send their techie to an international meeting (not ICCM), and they asked the “most techie” person from within the organization to staff the tech department while the techie was out. She was a data-entry person whose knowledge was fairly limited, but she got a little training from the techie. Before the techie left, the power was going up and down, the server was misbehaving, and life was scary. The data entry person was terrified when the techie left, but she went and sat in the server room waiting for something to crash that she was supposed to fix. One of her data entry friends came to her and said, “One of us in the data entry department will be praying for you each hour while you work on the server.” Incredibly, that week with the techie gone, the organization had no technical problems whatsoever. The increased prayer support for the system cleared up even the weather problems, but only for that week. The techie came back, and the troubles came back. The point is, God provides. We’ve seen this provision time and time again.