Why is ICCM “International?”

Because ICCM participants have a missions focus, the ICCM community has organically spread across international and cultural boundaries. With experts in most types of technologies as part of our group - from electrical specialists to experts of obscure facets of servers - this community provides a unique opportunity to share and learn how God

Will our mission survive while our techie is at ICCM?

Every year we have techies who need to remote in to fix something at their home office. But we have never had a mission office close down because their techie was at ICCM. It might be an inconvenience, but we believe the investment in your techie is worth the hassle of their absence, and

What will my techie gain from ICCM?

We aim to teach and discover God’s word, the latest technologies, project management tools, and much more. But ICCM is also a network. After the conference, the learning continues, because your tech professional will now have greater access to resources and other professionals in their field. In addition to receiving help for immediate issues

How does ICCM contribute to ongoing training?

With the rapid and constant evolution of technology, most technologists prefer “discovery” or “hands-on” training. And, with the Internet, we tend to rely on “just-in-time” learning (researching an issue in the moment). While these forms of learning are very important to the technology professional, there is much to be said about having an understanding

How often does my techie need to attend ICCM?

ICCM is an annual conference. It is meant for ongoing training. Every year we have some areas of training which are “the next step” from the previous year. If they learned something from one year, they should learn more the next year.

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